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Van Amstel Diamond: Where Amsterdam Craftsmanship Meets Natural Brilliance and Rarity

Van Amstel Diamond is more than just a jewelry brand – it’s an experience that connects you with the magic and rarity of natural diamonds, ethically sourced and meticulously cut to unleash their inner brilliance. Our story begins in Amsterdam, where generations of skilled artisans have honed their craft, combining centuries of tradition with modern design to create exquisite, timeless heirlooms.

In our ateliers, this heritage meets modern design, resulting in exquisite pieces that tell a story and serve as the perfect expression of your unique style. We offer exceptional value, personalized service, and a journey to find the perfect diamond that is as unforgettable as the piece itself.

As the leading supplier of high-quality certified diamonds in Europe, we bring you:

  • The best possible prices for genuine diamonds.
  • Customer-oriented service.
  • Exclusive handcrafted rings, earrings, pendants, and jewelry by the masters in our ateliers.
  • The best possible price for a diamond you have seen elsewhere.

Our diamonds are sourced responsibly, natural diamonds support the livelihoods of 10 million people worldwide. Up to 80% of the rough diamond value can remain with local communities thanks to local purchasing, employment benefits, social programs, investment in infrastructure, as well as the taxes, royalties, and dividends paid from the industry to respective governments¹.

Natural diamonds are a testament to the incredible processes of our Earth, taking billions of years to form under specific conditions of high pressure and temperature¹. This makes each diamond a rare and unique masterpiece of nature¹.

Discover the Van Amstel difference and explore our collections today. Experience the magic and rarity of natural diamonds and learn more about the diamond industry and its various commitments¹.


"Unbelievable such a beautifull diamond ring."
M. Schilling, Consultant

"Now everybody can buy a stunning diamond."
S. Geldtmeijer, designer

"Amazing optics."
I. Koorn, Manager

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