What are clarity enhanced natural diamonds?

The most beautiful diamond that you have dreamed of is now at a price you can afford. A clarity enhanced diamond is a real, natural diamond that is mined from the ground, not created or man-made. Clarity enhancing means optically removing feathers and other internal inclusions that almost every diamond contains. To achieve this, the diamond goes through a high temperature and high-pressure thin film infusion process using state-of-the-art technology. The thin film material is set to match the reflective index of the diamond itself, thus increasing the clarity. This process results in the diamond's clarity being improved, on average, by one and half grades, but does not add any measurable weight. By filling the inclusion, light traveling through the diamond will not reflect in an erroneous manner when it hits the filled pocket, giving you a more visually dazzling diamond.

How can I recognize a clarity enhanced diamond?

A clarity enhanced diamond can be recognized by inspecting the diamond with a 10 times magnifying loop.

Where do our diamonds come from?

New York, Tel Aviv and Antwerpen. Van Amstel Diamonds buys its diamonds directly from the biggest diamond boarses.

Do I need to take care of my clarity enhanced diamonds differently than other diamonds?

Absolutely Not. The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), after extensive research, has determined that normal wear and tear cannot harm the enhancement. Enhanced Diamonds Needs No Special Care at all. Please treat your enhanced Diamond like you treat any other gemstone that is in your possession. That means that the best way to clean it is water and soap or a non-Ammonia jewelry cleaner. At the jeweler's bench, Ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning or boiling water and detergent will not affect the enhancement. Only the direct heat of a torch, boiling acids or ammonia bases can damage the treatment. 

Does Van Amstel Diamond offer a lifetime garuatee on his clarity enhanced diamonds?

Yes, we are so confident in the durability and stability of our process that every diamond comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. In the unlikely event that anything should happen to the treatment of your diamond at any time, we'll re-treat it free of charge. Van Amstel Diamond offers a lifetime guarantee on the clarity enhancement. For more information. Click here to learn more.


Does the clarity enhancement process change the diamonds in any other way?

All diamonds are graded by the 4c's - carat, color, cut, and clarity. The process improves only the clarity of the diamond. All of the other characteristics remain exactly the same. It is still a natural diamond - it just looks better. The amount of material used to fill the feather is so microscopic that even the world's greatest diamond laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has reported that the clarity enhancement process adds ZERO WEIGHT to a diamond.

How is the value of a clarity enhanced diamond established?

Clarity enhanced diamonds, like all diamonds, retain their value - or increase according to market development. Van Amstel Diamond will provide you with a retail replacement value appraisal for your insurance company. All insurance companies recognize and insure clarity enhanced diamonds. About 1 in 500 diamonds is suited for the clarity enhancement proces.

How can I insure my clarity enhanced diamonds?

All insurance companies recognize and insure clarity enhanced diamonds.

I have a question, where can I ask this question?

For questions please contact us. For frequently asked questions go to our FAQ:

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